Vasundhara Raje: Gehlot the most corrupt Chief Minister in history


Posted On: April 06, 2013

Gogunda/ Udaipur, 6 April- BJP State Head of Rajasthan Vasundhara Raje has said that the leader of this government is one of the most corrupt ministers in history and this government is one of the most corrupt governments. Vasundhara Raje was addressing a huge gathering at Gogunda, Maharana Pratap’s coronation place.

She said that few days ago when DMK leader M. Karunanidhi withdrew his support, his son’s house was raided by the CBI. It has been the nature of Congress right from the beginning to threaten the opposition. They should face me; I am not going to be threatened by them. I am ready to fight all wars with them because I am right in the eyes of the common man.

On the third day of Suraaj Sankalp Yatra, Vasundhara Raje said addressing the huge crowd that elections are approaching and now they will threaten people, distribute money, but you need not be scared of them. I am with you in every step.

She said that I would like to ask Gehlot why the people of Rajasthan are not happy with him? The reason is because he did nothing for the people in his four and a half year tenure. We keep whatever promise we make. That is the reason why the common man today is with BJP. The Congress make promises and then forgets them. That’s why common man is against them.

I was here, where were you?
Vasundhara Raje retracted back on the chief Minister by saying that the leader of the State are questioning me today about my absence in the past four years and that where was I? Mr. Chief Minister, you were playing politics in the capital after ordering to fire bullets on Muslims in a mosque in Gopalgarh and I was sharing their pain in Gopalgarh. Mr. Minister, when your government had taken away lives of 30 pregnant women by prescribing fake medicines, I was wiping the tears of their relatives at that time in your hometown, Jodhpur. The duty of opposition is to act as the voice of the common man in Vidhan Sabha. If you go through the records, you will find that I was present in every session of Vidhan Sabha. But when you were in opposition, where were you for five years? Did you raise your voice regarding any issue of the common man in Vidhan Sabha? The common man is asking you about its record.

This government is for ribbon cutting
The Congress government of the region did nothing more but cut ribbons for four and half years. When people asked for a particular work, government made three announcements but nothing materialized. They only made announcements on announcements. Therefore, this government is just for ribbon cutting and four and a half years they have been cutting ribbons on the planning made by us.

Kubh Karan also woke up in 6 months,
But this government kept sleeping for four and half years
BJP State Head of Rajasthan said in Gogunda that even Kumbh Karan woke up after 6 months, but this government kept sleeping for four and half years. They did not bother for the common man or worked towards their development. Be it businessmen, women, youngsters or farmers everyone is hurt, their face dull, everybody is bothered because the government kept on sleeping.

Mayhem in government

Vasundhara Raje said that it has been three days since the Suraaj Sankalp Yatra began. There is mayhem in government after looking at the huge crowd gathering during Yatra. What will be their condition after 80 days of Yatra. You can very well imagine this. Today Adivasi area does not have doctor or teacher. Have you ever thought the condition of Adivasis during this government rule? The atrocities on women are limitless. Has the government ever thought about this? If the government would have thought about the pain of people, mayhem would not have occurred.

I will pay the debt of Mewad

Vasundhara Raje said that last time too she started the Parivartan Yatra from Mewad and she won by a historical 120 seats. During BJP rule she tried to work a lot towards the betterment of Mewad, but still many works remained pending. Therefore, if BJP comes to rule this time, she would like to heartily pay out the debt of Mewad.

Bowed down on the coronation place of Pratap
Vasundhara Raje visited the coronation place of Maharana Pratap in Gogunda where she bowed down and offered flowers on Pratap’s idol. She also surveyed the Raj Tilak Memorial.