What are people of Rajasthan expecting after Assembly Elections 2013

Assembly Elections 2013 are around the corner and each party is trying to get attention of maximum number of people from across the state. Irrespective of which party wins, there are certain expectations that people of Rajasthan have from their government which have become more like the basic requirements that any government that comes to power after the Rajasthan elections 2013, will have to fulfil. The top three of these are:

Corruption free governance:

There are various things that have come in limelight in the recent past which have pointed out the corrupt practices of the government of Rajasthan. This recent hype about choosing such a candidate who has the ability to control corruption has become really prominent because the malpractice has now made life in the state a living hell, especially for the middle class. Putting an end to this root of all evils has become the main agenda behind the Rajasthan elections.

From what the surveys read, those who have been adhering to this practice are sure to be punished in the assembly elections 2013.

Assurance of Safety for all; an important criterion for Rajasthan elections 2013

Women and minorities, both sections don’t feel at home in their own state as of now. Women and minorities both have a very important number of votes and therefore the candidate who can make the state safe for their functioning, is sure to be the most probable person who will win elections 2013 in Rajasthan. Citizens expect a society where they can move about freely and develop and grow, for individual growth as well as for the growth and development of Rajasthan.

Improved governance after assembly elections 2013

For some time now, the people have been witnessing poor governance in Rajasthan, whether it is in the field of economics, education or administration. Looking at this, one thing is sure that only the people would bring only those to the government who have a sense of knowledge and guts to take a decision and stand by it, irrespective of what the consequences are as long as it is for a wider good.

People of Rajasthan are expecting a leader in true sense, to come to power and organise the currently mismanaged state of affairs, post the 2013 elections in Rajasthan.

In other words whichever candidate that can assure people to bring in a new, better and more developed Rajasthan, a state where there is employment, decent standard of living, security for the citizens and education and progressive governance, is sure to be the one who will win the assembly elections 2013.